Become a praediumGuard™ member and take the worry out of keeping your plan up to date.

praediumGuard’s™ comprehensive membership program offers ongoing access to your estate planning team, updates to your estate plan, and other special features all for a single annual fee. 

praediumGuard™ Membership

How It Works

Having an established estate planning relationship with our firm may make you eligible to join praediumGuard™. As a member, you’ll receive:

  • Phone call and email contact with your estate planning team as needed.
  • In-office attorney meetings every six months to review your plan and discuss any new goals as well as in-office meetings to discuss concerns or changes to your plan throughout the year.
  • Annual DocuBank® enrollment for you.
  • DocuBank® enrollment for your minor children, college students, or adult children with special needs.
  • Annual Financial and Health Care Powers of Attorney for your young adult (18-25) children or grandchildren (your adult child has to be present to authorize and to sign off on any powers).
  • Regular updates to your financial and healthcare powers of attorney as needed, including an annual refresh.
  • Amendments to your estate plan as needed throughout the year.
  • One full restatement of your entire plan annually to roll in all of the year’s plan updates and changes in the law.
  • Notification from us if changes in the law affect your estate plan.
  • praediumRewards™, which includes a three-year price lock.

Why praediumGuard?

praediumGuard™ membership takes the worry out of legal fees by paying a single annual membership fee that grants you regular access to your estate planning team.  Life events drive changes to your plan, including additions to your family, selling or buying properties, changes to your business, retirement, gifting strategies, and other life changes.

Without praediumGuard™, costs can add up.  There is no such thing as a minor change to your estate plan as a change in one area could result in impacts to other areas that require modification.  With praediumGuard™, you keep legal costs within your budget while still receiving the high-quality services you expect and deserve, potentially saving you thousands of dollars each year. And with praediumRewards™, you can expect something fun each time you renew.

Taking your car in for a tune-up, making home repairs, and getting to the gym each week are maintenance activities that ensure minor problems now don’t turn into overwhelming challenges later. Shouldn’t you maintain your family’s estate plan as well?

At Ellis Law Office, LLC, our focus includes estate planning and elder law services in Kansas, including long-term care Medicaid planning and probate & trust administration. We can work remotely or come to the homes of our senior clients and clients with mobility concerns if needed. Our our practice areas also inclue business law to support the legal needs of small businesses and corporations, including business formation, general counsel services including human resources, contracts, as well as continuity and succession planning.

The Fine Print

praediumGuard™ requires an annual commitment. We reserve the right to terminate a plan at any time and refund the remaining time.  praediumGuard™, praediumRewards™ and the praediumGuard™ logo are trademarks and used under license from praediumSoft, LLC.  DocuBank® is a registered service mark of Advance Choice, Inc.

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