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About the Our Family Attorney™ Service

Engaging us for assistance in a specific matter opens the door to access for other issues that come up from time-to-time that affect your family.  Getting advice on how to proceed means making informed decisions.  While others are searching the internet, you know that advice from someone that knows your family is just a phone call away.

Our Family Attorney™

How We Work

Having an established relationship with our firm makes you eligible to engage in the Our Family Attorney™ program for your family.  Upon conclusion of the matter for which you retained us, you can continue with us under Our Family Attorney™.   

When a question or issue arises affecting you or your family, you can call, email, or come in to discuss the issue and receive advice from people who have taken the time to get to know you and meet in an environment you’re already familiar with.

In the months when you use the service, you receive a bill for time spent on your matter; otherwise, there is no fee.  If we can’t help you then at no charge to you, we will do our best to tap into our network to find someone who can help. 

 You have access to your insurance agent, accountant, financial advisor, and doctor … shouldn’t you also have access to your lawyer?