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Planning for life’s inevitability is the right thing to do.  You do not want to leave your family in the position of having to guess at what your wishes were, or worse, have your assets go to people that you did not want to have them.


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Estate Planning

How We Work

We work one-on-one with you to build an estate plan that achieves your objectives while providing you peace of mind and the flexibility to manage certain aspects of your estate plan on your own.

Our Estate Planning services includes Revocable Family Living Trusts for both couples and individuals, supplemental and special needs trust planning, asset protection planning, as well as more complicated instruments for high net-worth clients, all with the goal of helping you carry your legacy forward through thoughtful planning.

We also offer Wills, Powers of Attorney for financial decision making, Advanced Healthcare Directives, and other basic estate planning tools.  For our Trust and Wills clients, many of these tools are included in your plan.

Most of our Estate Planning services are offered on a “flat-fee” basis, meaning that you pay one fee for your estate plan regardless of the amount of time you need with your attorney.

As with all our services, initial consultations are at no charge to you.