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Elder law includes all aspects of estate planning, but also includes long-term care planning, asset protection, Medicaid planning and more.  With the cost of long-term care in the United States exceeding $7,000 per month, it wouldn’t take long to wipe out many families’ life savings within a few years.  Fortunately, there are options that may help to get your loved-one the care they need without losing the assets you’ve spent a lifetime building.

Elder Law

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Elder law is a complicated and oftentimes confusing area of the law.  Many people think that Medicare will cover any long-term care needs but that simply is not the case.  While Medicare Part A has options for skilled care, this is limited in both duration and by type of illness.  Additionally, for 2021, Part A requires a skilled nursing copay of $185.50 per day.

For those without long-term care insurance, Medicaid covers the costs of long-term care for individuals who meet certain income and asset levels.  Through proper planning, we may be able to help you get the care your loved-one needs while also protecting assets for spouses and other loved ones.