Can Respite Care Help with Caregiver Burnout?

Providing care for your aging or disabled spouse or loved-one, while incredibly rewarding, is also incredibly taxing. You need to take time for you to avoid burnout and ensure your own continued health. Learn more about resources that may be available to provide you respite.

2024 Standard Protections for Spouses of Medicaid Applicants

While Medicaid requires recipients of benefits to impoverish themselves, it is not the program’s intent to do the same for their healthy spouse at home. The standard protections for spouse’s of benefits recipients are updated regularly, and this post discusses the 2024 figures.

What Is Elder Abuse?

One in ten peopler over the age of 65 will experience elder abuse. Whether physical, emotional, or financial, this vulnerable population deserves protection. Read on to understand more about this alarming trend.

Planning Steps if You’re Taking Care of Yourself and Aging Loved Ones

Caring for children and for aging loved ones creates a unique set of challenges. Making sure that you are taking care of yourself frequently gets pushed to the bottom of the list. Inside, you’ll find six ways you can plan for the future to help ensure that you make yourself a priority as well.